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Neil’s mission is to rewire the way we think about business.

His vision is rooted in planting more humanity in the work environment.

Neil Smith is a Keynote Speaker and change-provoker who has worked with medium to large scale businesses across the globe in change management and transformation. He respectfully challenges values in presentations and educational sessions. Individuals enhance their team capability, competencies & capacity for the life they live and the organisations in which they work.  

Neil is such an absolute delight and pleasure to work with! The concepts were easy to grasp and really got our whole team thinking on how we can run a more human-focused business!
— HP

Backstory: a traveller by nature

Good question. The reality is - I hold citizenship in three countries! My father is from the United Kingdom, my mother is from British Columbia, Canada, and I was born in Brazil. How's that for a backstory?







Neil Smith Saskatoon Based Speaker

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